As a gaming fan, you might have encountered situations or games that you just can’t play smoothly with your regular everyday PC keyboard. Games always come with customizable controls but that’s beside the point. If you have played a game in multiplayer mode on a keyboard and the game requires each player to press at least five keys simultaneously then you would probably be familiar with the key ghosting phenomenon. But it’s not the ability to register all 26 characters of the alphabet at the exact same time that makes mechanical keyboards a must have for hardcore gamers ( as membranes can get that feature as well) There is much more that you want in a keyboard for gaming that a simple membrane keyboard cannot give you.

When you play a lot of games, you want a keyboard that does not delay your strokes and one that is pleasant for your fingers.

Can I use my everyday membrane keyboard for gaming?

Why are mechanical keyboards better for gaming? 1

Oprah when someone said they will continue gaming on membrane keyboards

The ordinary PC keyboard is cheap construction using rubber domes in place of a mechanical spring and three layers of thin membranes with printed circuit leads and connectors. The rubber dome is pressed to close the contact between the top and lower layers through holes in the middle layer. As a result of their simple construction membrane keyboards are cheaper and more flexible than mechanical keyboards. They are lighter and more compact making them ideal for portable computers. However they suffer many setbacks including the difficulty of pressing because they get mushy with use. Other issues include key rollover where the key is not pressed all the way, a considerably shorter lifespan and an impossible to clean construction.

Advantages of mechanical keyboards for gaming

The mechanical keyboard is built to last with tens of millions of comfortable accurate and fast keystrokes. There are different type of keyboards based on the switch construction used to further customize the actuation force, tactility, actuation distance and clickiness. Some mechanical keyboards will come with removable keycaps so that users can customize and clean they keyboards easily.


Why are mechanical keyboards better for gaming? 2Gaming keyboards are often mistreated and therefore you might be running through several run-off-the-mill keyboards a year. If so, just get a mechanical keyboard. They will last longer than anything you have tried before. If you do not wish to damage the inbuilt keyboard on your laptop through heavy gaming, a mechanical keyboard is a worthy investment.
Tactile keyboards for gaming
Whether you are a speedy typist or you are a gaming enthusiast, you want the ability to double tap a key with lighting speed and register each stroke with precision.

Heavier is better for gaming

When you are playing, you do not wish to lose because your keyboard moved about causing you to hit the wrong key. A heavy gaming keyboard with a smooth tactile response will enhance your gaming skills.
Buying a proper mechanical gaming keyboard
There are so many arrays of keyboards selling as mechanical keyboards out there but take our word for it, there are only a handful of respectable brands worthy of buying. The Dfusing Frostflux mechanical keyboard is one such gaming keyboard you can try out today. With a unique ergonomic design and nice tactile feedback that does not strain your fingers while you play, you are about to have the best keyboard gaming experience of your life.

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