What Is A Mechanical Keyboard?

Let’s just say that the pendulum has been swinging back onto the side of mechanical keyboards because even though we are much accustomed to the thin membrane rubber dome keyboard, the mechanicals were here fast. And these indefatigable beasts had much more to offer than their monstrous size and feature keys. Under the hood, you will find a genius invention called the switch which is the basis for all radio engineering and the ones and zeros upon which all of modern electronic circuits are built. Here’s more on mechanical keyboards vs the keyboard right in front of you.

What Is A Mechanical Keyboard? 1

Rubber dome keyboard (inner)

How can I tell if it’s mechanical?

If you haven’t made any reasonable investment on a keyboard for gaming or heavy-duty precision typing and you haven’t recycled your everlasting IBM keyboard from the 80s either, you most probably have a membrane or rubber dome keyboard before you. Manufacturers, for a time, moved to these new constructions because each and every PC maker wanted the same thing; to make PCs cheaper and affordable to everyone. And so it’s not that the mechanical switching was flawed, they shifted for economic reasons.

Obviously super thin membrane keyboards are very light and portable which makes them ideal for a lot of applications. They are also much easier and cheaper to fabricate compared to mechanicals which translates to a cheaper buying price. It was the whole idea behind the migration from mechanicals to rubber dome keyboards.

What Is A Mechanical Keyboard? 2

The workings of a mechanical keyboard switch

At the heart of every mechanical keyboard

Behind the keycaps of a superb mechanical keyboard is a true mechanical switch. It is the quality of plastic and metal plus the design and construction of these switches that make any mechanical keyboard worth the buy. Unfortunately, the only way to ascertain that it is truly mechanical is to pop the buttons. What you can do is take the word of thousands of consumers just like yourself around the world about the performance of the keyboard.

But with so many run-of-the-mill keyboards flooding the market, it is prudent to run to a reliable mechanical keyboard for cover. When engineers design a mechanical keyboard such as the Razer Huntsman Keyboard, they build it for war.


What Is A Mechanical Keyboard? 3

Bradley coopers opinion

Why should I buy a mechanical keyboard?

Did you mean where to buy a mechanical keyboard? If you are a keyboard fanatic then you already know the answer to the previous question. By default your computer purchase comes with a membrane keyboard. The fact that you landed here means you are no “default user”. So if you are thinking about shopping around for a mechanical keyboard you can brag about you’re definitely on the right track.


Why Dfusing?

What Is A Mechanical Keyboard? 4

My best bud Darth Vader trying to explain: why Dfusing?

We are talking stellar performance for hardcore gaming and speed typing with a relaxing feedback for your fingers. But perhaps the reason you should totally take this home is its longevity. You will get exciting features with almost every other mechanical keyboard but for how long can you enjoy your purchase? It’s Dfusing that gives you the best value for your money and an overall best investment in the long run.


More on switching mechanisms and the best buy for the money in our other mechanical keyboard blogs. You will find that there so many more exciting facts why you should buy a mechanical today!

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