Are Cherry MX switches the only option out there? 

Cherry MX switches definitely earned their reputation for one of the finest switches available. But while everything in the mechanical keyboard game is a matter of preference, there will still be tons of brands out there who you should look out for.

The Ultimate Switches Guide E-book will introduce tons of brands with their respective switches that could be a good fit for you. Once you know that Cherry MX are not the only ones that should be looked at, A whole world will open up for you.

Get your copy of the E-book today and find out what brand would fit you best.

Never heard of mechanical keyboards but want to try them out?

A mechanical keyboard is great for improving your overall experience, whether it be typing or gaming. But there is quite a few elements that play a big role in giving you that experience that a membrane keyboard does not. Doing some good research about a mechanical keyboard is necessary. Else, it might not be to your liking and it’ll end up as a big loss in your wallet.

The Ultimate Mechanical Switches Guide is an E-book we created thanks to all the research and knowledge that we’ve possessed over the years. Thanks to this E-book, you’ll don’t have to scatter throughout the internet to try to find bits and pieces of information. Everything you’ll need to know about mechanical keyboard switches will be right in there.

Have some prior knowledge of switches but you are unable to choose?

The Ultimate Switches Guide E-book will help you with that too! Not only does the E-book contain all the info you’ll need to understand what switches are and why it’s important.

It also contains a ton of different brands and their switches with the technical detail and a summary of each. To make sure you’ll know exactly where to find a quality switch and what it’s purpose/advantage would be over the other.

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