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The best mechanical keyboard for typing 2019.

The Best Mechanical Keyboard For Typing 1

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Not many people realize that a mechanical keyboard could potentially make your digital life much better. Now that nearly every computer comes with an inbuilt or external keyboard in the package, why should anyone bother getting the best mechanical keyboard for typing? If you are a gamer or professional typist or blogger, then you value your keyboards and you go crazy every time you break one. But have you ever wondered what the keyboard might be doing to you. Have you ever thought of how a brand new mechanical keyboard could cut down on your typing time and care for your hands? Wondering about of the above questions? Here’s is a wrap of the key features of a worthy mechanical keyboard in 2019 and how to choose a better keyboard to suit your needs.

Who needs a mechanical keyboard?

The Best Mechanical Keyboard For Typing 2Just because you are not a gamer, or maybe you are, does not mean you do not need or want one of these state of the art devices. Apart from the specialized extra keys and backlight features, mechanicals offer speed, accuracy, beauty and a satisfaction that ordinary run-of-the mill replacement keyboards cannot match. If you are breaking keyboards all too often but your fingers hurt from typing for long periods, consider buying a suitable keyboard.

You really don’t want to keep going through several keyboards in a year ( you can use a membrane for a very long time, but the quality slowly worsens). After all, keyboards stocked with computers are not exactly that bad but they may not suffice for extreme gaming or typing. A run of the mill keyboard you might get for dirt cheap at your regular store is just not built for comfort and the ergonomic features fail in a spectacular fashion. Your eyes should look towards the mechanical keyboard.

So what is it that make the mechanical keyboard such a darling? What makes one exactly and how is it any different if this is not just a sales gimmick? Here is a quick highlight of major mechanical keyboard terminology you need to understand to decipher the mechanical keyboard phenomenon.

Mechanical keyboard 101

To better introduce a mechanical keyboard like we are teaching computer packages to a five year old, we will introduce the five main features each and every “best mechanical keyboard for typing” aspirant must have.

1. Actuation force

The actuation force refers to the average force you need to exert on a key on the key to get it to close the switch and register a stroke. It can be surprising effortless to type on a mechanical keyboard when you are shifting up from a low efficiency keyboard. This means less toil on your fingers and less tiredness and strain at the end of the day.

2. Travel distance

As you might have already figured, this too refers to the distance travelled by a key cap to register a press. This is only a matter of preference as some gamers want more while others want shorter. If you are typing faster, you want to save time as opposed to getting better feedback. Mechanicals manufacturers ought to specify an optimal travel distance.

3. Clicky keys

Most mechanicals also feature audible clicking keys when pressed. It might not seem like much to a rookie but extreme gaming does require these features you know. Clicky keys are a typist’s Holy Grail.

4. Tactile Bumps

It’s harder to grasp without actually feeling it but mechanical keyboards will sometimes feature a subtler bump before hitting the bottom. This bump represents when the stroke is registered -when the key is actuated.

5. Linear keys

Linearity here means a smooth ride to the bottom. There is no bump but the resistance increases, naturally, as you reach the end of keypress.

If not mechanical then what?

The Best Mechanical Keyboard For Typing 3You might be wondering, what is the keyboard in front of me right now? Well, unless this is not the first time you are learning about mechanicals, what you have is most likely a membrane keyboard. To understand the advantages of buying a mechanical, its important to first understand how a membrane keyboard works.

A membrane keyboard consists of two functional layers separated by a membrane of ‘holes’. The upper and lower layers are essentially two contacts of a switch which is actuated with the two are pressed together closing the conductive elements. When the key is pressed, the signal is sent to the parent circuit registering a stroke.

The membrane keyboard is not that bad seeing as it is the basic type of keyboard in use all over the world. And there are some membrane keyboards out there that cost a fortune because of their efficiency.

The main advantages of the membrane technology is the cheap cost of production which translates to a smaller shelve price. Besides, they are much quieter than mechanical keyboard if you like working in such an environment. Just the same, cheap membrane keyboards can be even louder that red switch and brown switch mechanicals which can barely be heard.

Another key advantage of some membrane keyboards is of course the lesser weight meaning less baggage when travelling. They are generally more compact and but ultra-light and portable membranes are no joke, these too can run gamut.

Generally the typing experience on a regular keyboard is only average when it’s new. The experience usually deteriorates with the continued use. Surprisingly, membrane keyboards are more prone to wear and tear due to normal usage let alone mistreatment typical of gaming pcs and heavy duty typing.

‘Surprisingly’ not because they are cheaper but because of the significantly less number of moving parts. I mean, these are basically just printed circuits on thin paper films and rubber domes pushing against the two layers. All too soon, membranes (especially cheap ones) are affected by the sticky effect making fast and accurate typing impossible.

Another major setback of a membrane keyboard is the inability to clean up easily. I mean, if you have spent hours wrecking your own laptop keyboard following a mad man’s YouTube video, you know what we are talking about here. It’s like squeezing toothpaste back into the tube, is it impossible? No, but is it efficient? Heck no!

Mechanical Keyboards use extreme mechanical engineering and ergonomics to create smooth closing switches for easier more accurate typing and longevity. Don’t get it twisted, mechanical keyboards were here first in the 80s before they were overtaken by the rubber dome models not because the latter were more efficient as manufacturers wanted to suggest but because they were much cheaper to fabricate.

Since then, mechanicals have upped their game and now easily surpass the membrane keyboard in almost every single aspect. Here are some reasons why you want to buy a mechanical keyboard worthy of the status in 2019.

Type faster and more accurately

The Best Mechanical Keyboard For Typing 4Never miss a keystroke with a fancy mechanical keyboard. Typing is much easier with lesser toll on your fingers. Faster typing means less time and less back pains. In short, a mechanical keyboard can make your life so much better. But as with every exceptionally good thing, you never know you need one until you get your first one!



The Best Mechanical Keyboard For Typing 5Anti-ghosting

Have you ever tried pressing more than four keys on your laptop keyboard? It doesn’t register all of them or does it? The mechanical keyboard doesn’t suffer the same fate. You can jam all your ten fingers or more if you have them and all of them will work. Comes in handy if you are in multiplayer mode.

Longer lasting keyboards

With over 60 million keystrokes, the Dfusing keyboard will outlast any regular rubber dome keyboard. Often keyboards won’t last their full lifespan due to accidental spills or if your friend’s joke telling involves sitting on your keyboard. A mechanical keyboard is built for war.

Customizable mechanical keyboards

Of course there are some high end custom mechanicals that you can have laser etched with your initials if that’s what you wanna do. Unfortunately the Dfusing Keyboard is not very customizable even though the ergonomic features might have you think it was made with your hand’s dimensions in mind.

Easy to clean

You cannot go wrong with one of these with the backlight and sweetly curved keys, these mechanical keyboards are enviable. Unlike membrane keys, you can easily clean your keyboard and carry on when you accidentally pour staff on it.

Addictive gaming keyboards

Using one of Dfusing’s new gaming keyboards will not disappoint if you are a gaming nerd already. Once you get the feel of these babies you just can’t touch anything less and luck for you they last forever! Featuring the world premium mechanical switches, you are looking at 60 million keystrokes lifespan and a soft lasting comfortable touch. It’s addictive!

Where to get a mechanical keyboard in 2019?

Now that you know what a mechanical keyboard does, what it’s quality’s are, and what they are good for ( especially for you!) we’ve come to the ending part of our post. What is the best mechanical keyboard for typing ?

Spoiler: there is no best. As mechanical keyboards differ in a wide range of features. Like the switches we talked about briefly. There are multiple different ones, designed for different people. One individual might like the clicky feel to a keyboard, and so they get a keyboard with the switch in it that provides that. The other might like it quiet, so they order a mechanical keyboard that has that particular switch. It’s easier to show an prime example of our own keyboard,

The Dfusing Maverock. That particular keyboard is made for the consumers that would like the choice of what switch they would like and most importantly: Choose one of the four best switches on the market according to many enthusiasts.

Now go forth, and get yourself a piece of computer heaven!

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