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Having trouble with your 104 keys keyboard taking up too much space? Or do you press buttons on accident all the time? The Madstar can help you fix that! Focus on the basics

  • Elimination of unnecessary keys: allows you to press keys without conflict. It is especially convenient for gamers when a slight slip of the finger can affect the game. It enhances FPS players because it is conveniently built for the left hand which allows movement in FPS genre games with all the keys at your disposal. For more comfort and convenience, make sure to get the most out of every match!


  • Seven Color Backlight: Unlike other keyboards that have a limited choice of backlight color, you can customize the Avatto K9 into seven different colors. Whether it is for enhanced aesthetics or for the convenience of maneuvering in a dim lit room, you have seven options to choose from! With the help of a single or combination of keys, you can change light, speed, and brightness. This allows you to switch from gaming mode to normal mode within seconds.


  • Less Clutter: The half-keyboard structure of the Avatto K9 keyboard prevents cluttering of working space. Since it is smaller than your regular full-sized keyboards, you can use it even in small areas especially if you prefer working in different places


  • Outemu Blue Switch: 50g actuation force
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TL;DR Summary

Single- hand Mechanical Keyboard

Genue Mechanical Keyclick


Seven Color Backlight

Ergonomic design

All metal Panel

Micro Grind Arenaceous skin

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All metal Panel

The structure of the keyboard made of ABS and aluminum alloy makes it a sturdy keyboard. Unlike other membrane or capacitive keyboard, the mechanical keyboard has sturdy metal at the back to hold the components in place, it extends durability and remains structurally stable no matter how long you use it.

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Anti-ghosting Keyboard

Anti-ghosting features allows you to press as many keys in one go. It registers all the pressed keys without losing signals. This feature is especially useful for games like PUBG where players need to make quick switches in the game and perform multitasks.

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Genuine Mechanical Keyclick

Each key is composed of separate components. It includes the bottom cover. Contact point, reed, switch cap, spring, front cover, and shaft cover. The mechanical keyboard also gives it a vintage tactile sound that enhances sensation and accuracy. It also speeds up response time and has a life cycle of up to 50 million keystrokes.

Micro Grind Arenaceous skin

The whole unit is made of arenaceous-feel skin. It absorbs moisture that often accumulates on the fingers after prolonged use. The ground skin prevents slips and allows stable grip even during a heated game. It also prevents dust and contaminants from settling on the keyboard, making them safe and healthy for daily use. The arenaceous skin also eliminates the hassle of cleaning the keyboard too often.


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