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Dfusing’s Dreamrush

Dfusing Dreamrush is a mechanical gaming keyboard designed with 104 keys in total so that you have all access to your computer, and it is made with the finest, high-quality materials

You will notice is that this keyboard is built like a tank. All the internal components are protected and it is one of the few truly waterproof keyboards out there. You can even run it under a faucet and give it a few minutes to dry and it will be back to working like new.

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Its All in the Keys

The Keyboard keys are backlit with several colors making up an entire rainbow of assorted LED’s. The double Shot Injection-molded Key Caps provide even backlighting as well as solid lettering that wont wear off even if the keyboard is scratched

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TL;DR Summary

104 Keys

Backlit RGB with multiple light modes

Outemu Blue Switch

ABS Material

Big wrist support (Detachable)


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Experience performance

Dfusing’s Dreamrush, with its durable & waterproof design, you’ll be sure to make it last for a long time. Add quality Outemu blue switches and an ergonomic design with a wrist rest and several RGB modes, And you’ll have the recipe for a great budget keyboard!

Dreamrush 6

Spilled something? No problemo!

The mechanical gaming keyboard comes with an anti static panel with nano coating and a water hole in the bottom so if it does get wet, the water will easily drain out without ever affecting the keyboard. The USB connection is gold-plated which means that it is going to be more stable and have better transmission of signal.

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