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Having trouble finding a mechanical budget keyboard with real Cherry Mx switches?

The Dfusing’s Dragonback got just that! The Cherry MX Blue switch is durable and worth it’s reputation. Providing you with a long lifespan and the satisfying feedback that many mechanical keyboard enthusiasts crave for. Add in the RGB modes and the durable materials that make up the Dragonback, and you’ll have a keyboard that will last you a very long time!

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TL;DR Summary

Cherry MX Blue Switch

RGB Backlit

Keycap puller included


Actuation force: 60g

Metal upper panel.

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Experience performance

The Dragonback is a mechanical keyboard with its focus on gaming. Rocking the Cherry MX Blue switches to make sure you’ll get the utmost quality available for an awesome gaming experience.

The keyboard features up to 9 RGB modes and it is fully back lit.

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Designed for gamers

If you’re looking for a simple mechanical gaming keyboard with durability and performance that gets the job done, you’re looking at your best choice. The Cherry MX Blue switch makes sure that you’ll get a durable, fast and clicky switch and the materials used & the braided wire for extra durability. This keyboard will give you a great gaming experiences for years to come.

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