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Mouses come in all shapes and forms. But usually, you don’t know if you like the mouse’s weight. With the Madblast, that problem is gone.

The Dfusing Madblast is a highly customizable gaming mouse that focuses on the user’s personal experience. Looking for a fast response mouse? We got that! Do you like mouses that weigh less? Just remove some weight! Vice versa. Next to that, you can customize buttons functions to your liking. Combine that with optimal positioning and precision and you got a great piece of equipment to boost your gaming experience.


7-button custom clicking mechanism

Multi-position DPI (Dots Per Inch) regulation

Removable metal base

Optimal positioning and quick response

Ergonomic design

for PC, XBOX and PS4 

Ergonomic design


1 review for Madblast

  1. Brian

    I did not expect this at all! The mouse works perfectly. I was having trouble finding a proper budget mouse that still has some good features on them. But i feel like i finally found something closest to what i was looking for. I didn’t expect the world when it came to quality for this price, but i am still pleasantly surprised at how well the mouse is built

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