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The Dfusing Atomiq is our first manufactured keyboard which focuses on performance and aesthetics. Its unique music rhythm mode is possible due to our build in microphones picking up any sound coming from within your area.

The Dfusing Atomiq features a waterproof design and optical Gateron red switches. The problem we’ve seen with mechanical keyboards is that people have a lot of different preferences when it comes to switches. That’s why we’ve decided to add the feature that allows you to completely take out the standard switches and replace them with any switch you’d like.

This way, you won’t have to buy multiple variations and safe a lot of money!

We offer Gateron blue, red, black and brown switches (optical) We can offer different switches as well on request. Send us an email, and we’ll customize the order for you.

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2 reviews for Dfusing Atomiq

  1. al

    The design look good, if add usb port for extension purpose will add value.

  2. Riad Veliyev

    It looks beautiful.

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