Mechanical Or Normal Keyboards?

Mechanical Or Normal Keyboards? 1
Workings of a mechanical switch

A keyboard is one of the hardware components of a computer system, it is an input device used to send commands to the computer. The keyboard compromises of alphabets, number, symbols etc. In this write up I shall be taking into consideration the working principle of a mechanical keyboard and the normal keyboard, here I shall highlight various features, differences, and recommendations.

The mechanical keyboard is usually associated with physical switching as the word mechanical applies. These switches are positioned underneath the keys to make direct contact whenever a user/operator pushes a key on the keyboard. The mechanical keyboard basically uses a press a key and Press as witch operating system.

A switch is assigned to every key on the keyboard causing the assigned switch to trigger when a key is pushed. Pressing a key on the mechanical keyboard triggers a switch hereby sending a signal to the PC telling it that the operator pushed that key. Every key comes with some construction consisting of a base, a spring, and a stem.

Advantages of the mechanical keyboard over the normal keyboard
Mechanical Or Normal Keyboards? 2

The first factor to be considered will be the durability of the mechanical and normal keyboards. The mechanical keyboard switches are certified to last longer with efficiency than the rubber domes switches. A survey from a manufacturing company of both mechanical and normal keyboards ‘steel series ‘ shows that the mechanical keyboard tested for up to 50 million key presses, while the rubber domes shift was good for only 15million presses. This stat shows clearly that the mechanical keyboard has a much longer durability compared to the regular keyboard.


  • The mechanical keyboard raises the bar in Different ways starting from the switches, framing, functionality, key construction, type print method, led lighting (brightness, sharpness, adjust ability), PCB board, and a lot of other features are far greater compared to the regular keyboard.
  • The mechanical keyboard is associated with loud typing sounds
  • A mechanical keyboard is tactile in nature. They tend to feel pressure (sensitive) compare to the normal keyboard. This feature creates satisfaction among users.

Advantages of the normal keyboard over the mechanical keyboard

Mechanical Or Normal Keyboards? 3

Membrane keyboard showing up in the battle

The normal keyboard is quiet and makes little or no noise, but the mechanical keyboard is associated with loud typing sound. These sounds may be distracting and uncomfortable to others within the same area. Development in the area of switches are been advertised as a selling point for companies who were able to achieve mechanical keyboard with more quiet switches.



  • Another advantage of the normal keyboard to the mechanical keyboard is the weight. The normal keyboard is much lighter compared to the mechanical keyboard, this is basically because of the numerous switches embedded in a mechanical keyboard, making it a lot heavier than that normal keyboard.
  • The cost of purchasing a mechanical keyboard could rise up in price depending on your desire compared to the regular or normal keyboard making the normal keyboard more cost friendly and accessible.


The mechanical keyboard is recommended for durability and speed. It’s basically something you’d really like to have if you’re an intensive gamer/competitive gamer/typist/or just an enthusiast. Normal keyboards are just fine for casual players or the average computer user. Be smart! Research your pick carefully in both info and price. We at Dfusing want consumers to spend it wisely most of all!

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