The demands of the mechanical keyboards will continue to increase since the eSports industry is taking over the world by storm. In the year 2016, the revenue earned from the sales of the mechanical keyboards reached US$ 637.3 Million [1].
This exceptional figure can also be attributed to the new eSports games, that require the instant response to make a mark in the industry. The mechanical keyboards are certainly a threat not only to the ordinary keyboards but also to the average desktop PCs. The PCs have become a threat since switching to a new keyboard is a less costly process than changing your entire PC. So almost every average gamer who just wants to slightly enhance his/her gaming experience just purchases a new gaming keyboard.
The popularity of these gaming mechanical keyboards is particularly high in Europe where revenue generated in 2016 was US$ 321.5 Million [2]. North American region has also seen a surge in popularity since it covers 40% of the total market revenue. These figures should only rise in the upcoming years.

Success story behind mechanical keyboards

The reason why these keyboards have become so popular is due to the fact that all the phenomenal eSports athletes love to use mechanical keyboards. The famous Twitch streamer ‘Ninja’, who is arguably the best Fortnite player in the world uses Logitech RGB G810 Orion Spectrum keyboard [3]. The difference between an ordinary keyboard and the mechanical one is that the mechanical one uses effective push-button techniques instead of the simple dot membrane. The effective mechanisms are controlled by switches. These switches are further divided into further types depending on the requirements of the users. The ordinary keyboard can register only 10 million key presses which might be an impressive figure, but to ordinary gamers this is not enough. So, the mechanical keyboards are here to register around 40 to 70 million key presses [4]. In addition, the lifespan of a mechanical keyboard is around 5x times greater than a normal keyboard.

Leading mechanical keyboards’ manufacturers

Some of the renowned manufacturers of mechanical keyboards are Razer, Logitech, Roccat, Corsair, Bloody, Steel Series, and so many more. These brands even sponsor major eSports events like ESL India Premiership in which the gamers receive their gaming mechanical keyboards from HyperX [5].

Speaking of the mechanical keyboards’ manufacturers, a brand named Dfusing has entered into the competitive market. Currently, Dfusing is offering some of the best and reasonably priced mechanical keyboards including the RGB ones. Their sole purpose is to offer the top of the line keyboards to the gaming enthusiasts around the world.

The investors of eSports should look into the 2018-2025 Mechanical Keyboards Report. This paid report is composed of 15 chapters and covers every aspect of the keyboards from global to the regional level. This report not only covers the recent sales of some of the most recognized keyboard brands but also predicts the future numbers of this highly in-demand piece of hardware. This just shows how much focus is being put into this multimillion dollar gaming keyboard industry [6].







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