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Having trouble finding a durable keyboard for a reasonable price?

Dfusing’s Dreamrush offers just that! With its durable & waterproof design, you’ll be sure to make it last for a long time. Add quality Outemu blue switches and an ergonomic design with a wrist rest and several RGB modes, And you’ll have the recipe for a great budget keyboard!

3 reviews for Dreamrush

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    Rated 5 out of 5


    I was kinda skeptical at first because I found very little information about the brand “outemu” but I decided to take the plunge any way. I’m glad I did because I had no idea how close another switch brand would come to the cherry MX switches. Overall, I did not expect a lot from this product at first because i couldn’t find a whole lot on the outemu switch but now, im glad that i got to add this product to my mechanical keyboard collection. Full sized keyboards needs love too =)

  2. Dreamrush 3
    Rated 4 out of 5


    Not bad at all! A pretty simple mechanical keyboard that does exactly what you expect it to do. Click clacking your way to the next match.

  3. Dreamrush 5
    Rated 5 out of 5


    I love this keyboard! Long story short, i’m the really clumsy kinda gamer that refuses to stop eating/drinking while gaming. I know i know, it leaves so much dirt behind. So i decided that my next option should be waterproof ( not like i spilled my drink on my old one or anything …) The keyboard does not dissapoint. I tested the waterproof feature (yes, i am a dangerous man) and it worked completely fine! At least i won’t be able to break this one anytime soon!

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Dfusing’s Dreamrush

Dfusing Dreamrush is a mechanical gaming keyboard designed with 104 keys in total so that you have all access to your computer, and it is made with the finest, high-quality materials

You will notice is that this keyboard is built like a tank. All the internal components are protected and it is one of the few truly waterproof keyboards out there. You can even run it under a faucet and give it a few minutes to dry and it will be back to working like new.

Spilled something? No problemo!

The mechanical gaming keyboard comes with an anti static panel with nano coating and a water hole in the bottom so if it does get wet, the water will easily drain out without ever affecting the keyboard. The USB connection is gold-plated which means that it is going to be more stable and have better transmission of signal.

Outemu blue switch

Outemu™ Blue Switches

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