Keyboard Types

Keyboards are available in different types and gaming keyboards are either normal keyboards or keyboards that come with unique gaming features, which can quicken often used combinations of a keystroke. A keyboard is also used to endow commands to the OS (Operating System) of a computer like Windows’ Ctrl + Alt+ Delete combination.

Keyboard Types:

Keyboards are available in different types as people use them for different purposes, and that is the reason manufacturers have been making various keyboard types so that every individual can find the keyboard for their computing purpose. Here you can find some keyboard types that you can choose to serve your computing purpose.

Multimedia Keyboard:

keyboard types

The Multimedia keyboard is the most well-known keyboard type. It is a type of keyboard that contains multimedia buttons that controls the media. It is designed to produce an easy touch for users to get often used programs. The Multimedia keyboard contains

special functions and special keys are used to get access to internet programs, music, email, etc.  This keyboard contains buttons that can control different features on your computer like turning the sound on and off in a heartbeat.

Most internet users might be familiar with the web browser key on a multimedia keyboard.  This keyboard contains forward, back, refresh, and stop buttons like any other normal keyboard, along with these buttons, it also includes search, bookmarked favorites, and any web page the user has put as their browser favorites that load as a homepage.

The multimedia keyboard includes extra keys or buttons like pause, stop, play, previous, next, volume down, volume up, special buttons, and mute. It allows you to use these special buttons to control playback video as well.

Multimedia keyboards also come in different connection formats, including USB, PS/2, and wireless. The price of the keyboard will depend on the maker and how many extra features it contains.

Mechanical keyboard:

A mechanical keyboard is a type of keyboard that is designed with high-quality spring activated key switches.  The key switches differ as it depends on the user preference and keyboard’s application.  Some popular keyboards like IBM Model M sold in the year 1980s use mechanical switches. However, the year 1990 has changed the scenario completely by bringing the economical rubber dome keyboards to the digital world. These rubber dome keyboards signified over 90 percent of keyboards in use currently and offer a cost-efficient but disappointment feel and typing experience.keyboard types

Mechanical keyboards have raised the standards in every way.   The keyboard’s framing, switches, type print methods, functionality, PCB board, key construction, LED lighting (Brightness, Adjust ability, and Sharpness) and also some other features are superior to the customary rubber dome keyboards.

It is a kind of primitive kind of keyboard but many individuals like its performance. The mechanical keyboard uses actual switches below each key, and when you press the button, the key pushes down and completes the electric circuit, and when the electric signal is sent to the computer then you will get the required result on the screen. Mechanical keyboards are more considerable than other keyboard types; also, they are durable and affordable.

USB Keyboard:

The invention of USB (Universal Serial Bus) was a huge rise in the digital world. Presently, you can find a USB mouse, keyboards, monitors, headphones, and speakers.  The USB keyboards use the USB line as a process of connecting with the host.

The USB keyboards are of two types that include wired keyboards and wireless keyboards.

Wired Keyboards: For this wired keyboard, a wire connecting to your computer and to the keyboard, and the end of the wire contains a USB plug that you need to put into your computer USB port. Wired USB keyboards are very reliable and you won’t do any mistakes with this direct connection.

Wireless Keyboards: A wireless keyboards functions just like a wireless mouse, you just need to plug a receiver into your computer’s USB port. The receiver sends a signal to the wireless keyboard, but, you should know that wireless USB keyboards have a restricted range and it must be within the sight range of your receiver and it depends on the signal type it uses.

QWERTY Keyboard:

QWERTY is a Latin-scrip alphabets keyboard design. The keyboard got the name from the first six keys located on the top row left side of the keyboard (Q W E R T Y). The design of the keyboard was premeditated based on delineate produced for the Sholes & Glidden typewriter and it was sold to E. Remington & sons in 1873.

It is also the most popular keyboard right from the era of the typewriters.  QWERTY is a kind of keyboard where the keys are placed in a particular order, not in the order of ABCD.  During the typewriter period, people used to find it difficult to type with ABCD keyboards. This is because the ABCD keyboards strings underneath each key used to get tangled with consecutive use of successive keys, and that is when this QWERTY keyboard was invented.

keyboard types

Gaming Keyboard:

Gaming Keyboard is the best option for hardcore gamers.  These gaming keyboards contain some special features. The gaming keyboards contain some unique keys as these devices are designed keeping the gamers in

mind. In games, generally, the gamers use W, S, D, A, arrow keys and space several times. In the gaming keyboard, these special keys are highlighted, and they are easily visible and even the newbie users can find it easy to use the gaming keyboard.

Most of these gaming keyboards are popular because of its attractive appearance and the makers of the keyboards are very excited to insert graphics as well and the fact that a gaming keyboard usually contains a lot of extra buttons you can bind commands to in order to react a lot quicker in game.

Now that you know more about the different types of keyboards you might also be interested to know that there is one more type to cover. And that it challenges itself to the mechanical keyboard.

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