What constitutes a mechanical keyboard?

Ever wondered what is the difference between mechanical keyboards? You have probably heard that a mechanical keyboard is a way to go if you are hardcore gamer seeking the best gaming experience with excellent tactile feedback and ant ghosting among other benefits. But what makes a mechanical keyboard truly special compared to other ordinary gaming keyboards you can buy for dirt cheap on the web? If you have been around that long you will know that the average PC keyboard used to feel much better in the 70s than it does today. That is because most manufacturers have replaced the complex mechanical switches with cheaper rubber dome models.

But even mechanical keyboards are not created equally. There are hundreds of keyboard going by the name even though most of them feature counterfeit poorly implemented switches and fancy backlit and customizable keys. A true mechanical keyboard has more to offer for a range of practical application from typing to extreme gaming.

Here is the difference between mechanical keyboards

Choosing the right mechanical keyboard

Different Types of Mechanical Keyboard 1As mentioned above, the perfect mechanical keyboard depends on what you want to do with it as well as your personal preferences. Noise, tactile feedback or linearity are some of the most important considerations. So when considering the difference between mechanical keyboards we can categorize them as click, tactile or linear.

Linear switches have no bump and will feel the same throughout the keypress until the key bottoms out. Tactile bumps on the other hand give slight feedback when in the middle of the keypress or just before actuation.

Click switches can be quite loud and downright unbearable for some people so if you are choosing a keyboard to use at your workplace, you should consider this important factor. Actuation force determines the weight you have to apply to successfully register a keystroke. Some gamers prefer tough to press switches while others want less.

Custom mechanical keyboards

Different Types of Mechanical Keyboard 2

A collection of many switches!

Some mechanical keyboards come with customizable features you can preorder. Such keyboards can be built with some extra special keys and graphics which makes all the more valuable. Of course the most important factor to consider is the build of the keyboard and the quality of switches which determines the durability and the feedback throughout its lifespan.

In summary; your average PC keyboard is sufficient for everyday typing and light gaming. But if you really want the satisfying click and tactile feedback from your seemingly indestructible keyboard, a mechanical is a wise choice. Depending on what you use your keyboard for, a mechanical keyboard could save you time and pain and give you a more pleasant working and gaming experience. There are tons of them out there and the only way to know if one is good for your personal preferences is to go out there, pick a switch mechanism and hope it’s a perfect match. The cool thing is that mechanical keyboards are very long lasting and you can always resell it if it is not what you are looking for.

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