Customized Keycaps For Mechanical Keyboards

Why are Mechanical Keyboards Special?

Mechanical keyboards have been rising in popularity for quite some time now. They have been, are and will be (unless something better comes around) popular among people who rely on durable fast response keyboards, whether it is for their work or for their hobby. Let’s face it, when it comes to PC equipment, nobody is a fan of fragile components. But then, when it comes to shelling out money for hardware that provides reliability and durability; we would beg, borrow or steal to acquire it.

Mechanical keyboards are known for their accuracy and fast response time. Not only are they known for that, but they are also extremely versatile. They can garner the needs of anyone as they have specific mechanical switches for people ranging from typists to gamers. They are also durable, can offer millions of keystrokes without breaking and have a long-lasting life. But those are not the only attributes that make a mechanical keyboard special. Yes, one can’t help but wonder what could make a mechanical keyboard even more exceptional?

What are Customized Keycaps?

customized keycaps

As mentioned earlier, mechanical keyboards have another side to it which makes it special. And that has to do with the fact that mechanical keyboards can have customizable key caps. For non-keyboards appreciators, that will not be the bigge

st thing that has happened in their lives. But for keyboards aficionados, the very act of customizing keyboards sounds like Christmas!

The keyboards that are offered in the market are monotonous when it comes to their physical design and colors. One would be lying if they say that they are not bored with monotones the keyboards arrive at. And at most cases they are either black or white.

If you are somebody who is curious about what the term “customizable keycaps” means, the explanation is simple. You get to design the layout of the keyboard according to your will.

The Dynamicity of Customized KeyCaps:

What are the types of plastic used?

First things first, one can choose the type of plastic they want for the key cap. In this current situation, one can choose from ABS or PBT. Keycaps made from ABS plastic are much cheaper for your wallet. They feel smooth but easily smudges the prints on the keycaps. They are also shiny to look at and are thin. Whereas, the key caps made from PBT plastic are more expensive as compared to key caps made from ABS plastic. They have a textured feel to the touch, and they can be either semi-matte or matte to look at. They are smudge-proof and are thicker than compared to keycaps made from ABS plastic.

These comparisons do not indicate anything as it all depends on the type of quality that goes into making customizable keycaps. It also depends on the company that makes customizable keycaps.

Who makes them?

Speaking of companies, there are a lot that one can find in their locality or the internet that specializes in making customizable keycaps. Some of them are veterans in making customizable keycaps. Thus, the guarantee of getting the keycaps you want or better customization can be expected, of course, at a higher fee. While, there are newer companies that offer customizable keycaps at a more affordable price. But before choosing a particular platform to get your customizable keycaps, it is always important to put in some research. This may help you find out what they are offering and study if it matches your preferences or not.

Customizing lettering, numbering and symbols:

customized keycaps

Moving on, if you are someone who is tired of the traditional lettering, numbering and symbols on the keycaps, you can say goodbye to that as well. Customizing keycaps does not just pertain to changing the coloring and the type of plastic of the keycaps. But it sure does involve changing what’s on the keycaps too. If you have mastered Elvish or Klingon, go ahead, print them on your keycaps, there are absolutely no rules! The only important thing to remember is to have knowledge of which key is which. But of course, I’m sure that will not be a problem at all!

Types of printing the keycaps:

The printing of the lettering, numbering and symbols comes in different forms (and shapes!) as well. They can be available in pad-printed form, etched form or double-shot form. Pad-printing is one of the most common and the cheapest way to print your keycaps. However, the lack of durability is a disadvantage as the print wear off easily. For etching keycaps, this technique uses laser to heat the surface of the keycaps to produce the prints. The process of heating the plastic normally gives the lettering and the numbering a darker shade. Double-shot involves using two different plastics which are molded together. In this case, it results in a print that doesn’t wear off.

Additional customization:

If you are still looking for more zest, one can add textured keycaps instead of prints. Think, the helmets of storm troopers decorated on your function keys. One can also get angled keycaps for keys that are mostly used for gaming especially the W, A, S, D keys. Getting backlit key caps are not a new thing, but they are still awesome to look at. But despite everything, the possibilities are endless; you can surely find one that will suit your personality!

Why do People get Customized KeyCaps?

The answer is simple, nobody wants to be average, and nobody wants to be within the mold of the normal spectrum. In the 21st century, most people spend their waking hours near a computer. From that group, a positive percentage of those people earn from spending time in front of a computer. Customizing keycaps can enhance productivity as the keys that are used often can be either highlighted with colors. If a person is creative, the keys can be given texture with a favorite fictional character. The thought of also typing from a key board that has been customized makes the prospect a tad better. Also, keeping in mind that your keyboard can also be a great conversation-starter!


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