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Keycaps are the small plastic molds with illustrations to help identify the keycaps on your normal keyboard. They are your keys on the keyboard. Keycaps are what facilitate your typing or gaming. They are used by most of the workforce in offices around the world.

What most non-specialists do not know, is that different types of keycaps can help facilitate your work. If you are in e-sports, the importance of knowing what type of keycaps work for you will improve your performance.

Mechanical keyboards with keycaps that are customizable are coming back in the mainstream usage because of the boom of e-sports.

Premium designed offer not only cool aesthetics but also provide easy clean options. A person who uses a keyboard for work should look into what mechanical keyboards can do for their work. The feel, efficiency and reliability of a mechanical keyboard vs a standard market keyboard may not seem like much but when you dive into the mechanics and the outcomes and simply even just using it will tell you the difference.

Keycaps went out of style because of the production costs but now with the advanced technology we have they have come back better looking and better functioning

Why you need to switch to a mechanical keyboard

Cherry MX Keysets

Cherry MX switches and keyboards that feature them are special and are also known as mechanical keyboards. They cost more than your typical market keyboard which is a rubber dome keyboard and works like a tv remote control. They have a mushy feel to it and will not last as long as a mechanical keyboard.

While a rubber dome keyboard has 6 to 10 million operations, a typical mechanical one will have 30 million operations or more.

It might feel like a waste of money to spend so much money on a mechanical keyboard when you can get a functioning keyboard for less. However, from experience, you must know the premium is always different.

Do your research, and you will find a switch that matches your style. There are switch tests keyboards with different switches, e.g. a cherry MX switch test board will probably consist of 6 key approx, usually, one of each to see which type will suit your needs. This is very much like having a tailor-made suit from an expert vs buying a ready-made one from a store. One will feel comfortable and will fit you perfectly while the other will most probably be stiff and very uncomfortable to wear.

Aesthetic customization

Another fun aspect to mechanical keyboards apart from their excellent functions is their aesthetic aspect. Keycaps are customizable to not only have different ways of functioning but also can be customized with different colors and can have backlight function.

Cherry MX clear keycaps are customizable translucent keycaps. They are very beautiful when lit. The backlight diffuses beautifully to give your cherry MX keyboard a glowing effect.

The backlight function or customization can make the keycaps on your keyboard look like they are glowing.

Cherry MX stems

The MX in the Cherry MX switch refers to the type of stem in the switch. The stem on the switch is the part that is colored to coordinated to its function. The Stem is engineered for precision and smoothness and helps the keycap fit.

Also, Cherry MX switches have been around for quite some time and are one of the OG mechanical keyboard switch makers. They have a reputation and are trustworthy.

Here are a few examples of mechanical keyboards that feature Cherry MX keycaps on Amazon are

  • Das Keyboard Model S Professional Cherry MX Brown Mechanical Keyboard
  • CORSAIR Strafe RGB MK.2 Keyboard Cherry MX Red Switch
  • Cougar Attack X3 RGB Keyboard, Cherry MX Red SwitchesCherry MX keycaps
  • DURGOD Keyboard, Cherry MX Speed Silver Switch
  • ROSEWILL Clicky Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX Blue Switch
  • Code V3 87-Key Illuminated Mechanical Keyboard (Cherry MX Clear)

A Cherry MX keycap featured keyboard will give you the best results. You must be wondering what the ‘Cherry MX Brown Switch’ or the ‘Cherry MX Blue switch’ means. A Cherry Switch is color coordinated according to its features.

Let me explain the differences between a cherry MX blue switch and a Cherry MX red switch to give you an idea of how these differences come into play while selecting a keyboard for yourself.

A Cherry MX blue switch is ideal for people wanting the nostalgia from a keyboard that clicks. It has an excellent and strong tactile feedback which means you will get a certain feel of the key pushing back after you press it. Whereas a cherry MX red switch is known as a gamer’s switch because it has a softer spring and has a lighter feel to it and unlike its blue counterpart it is quieter.

Cherry MX clear switch

A Cherry MX clear switch features the best balance and well-rounded for both typing and gaming. A Cherry MX clear switch often compared to a Cherry MX brown switch which has very similar features and is often called a sister switch to the cherry MX clear switch. A cherry MX clear is a tactile switch which means that you will feel the tactile bump or feedback. When you press a key, the tactile feedback will let you know that it worked.

Most gamers don’t bottom out. Certain games require fast reflexes, and some keyboards cannot keep up with the speed at which the gamer presses the keys. Cherry MX Switches do not require fully pressing them to activate. When you press the key to a certain depth the key is activated.

Not bottoming out may be a problem with any other keyboards that do not feature a cherry MX switch but with a Cherry MX switch a tactile feedback lets you know that the key you press has activated which is assuring and pretty practical.

Cherry MX Silent SwitchesThe tactile bumps or feedback on a Cherry MX silent is often quoted to have a pretty satisfying feel to it.

Key Boards with Cherry MX clear switches have an NKR (n Key Roll). A rubber dome keyboard has a two to six key roll. What this means is that, while using a keyboard if the keyboard has a 2 keyroll, it will only register 2 keys at a time. If you press more than two keys , it will ignore the third key; this is called ghosting.

Cherry MX clear switches have NKR or a full key roll which means the keyboard is not limited to the use of a certain number of keys at a time; this is useful for gamers who borderline button smash, but without the proper key roll, your speed will not register.

Cherry MX switches are designed for speed as in the rebound and reset speed is fast; this helps typists and gamers who like precision and speed. The NKR feature also assists in this area.

The Cherry MX clear switch has an actuation force of sixty-five centinewton (65 CN). Compared to the cherry MX brown switch’s 45 Cn, it is more.

Some keyboards that feature the Cherry MX Clear switches are

  • Ducky One 2 Skyline Double Shot PBT Mechanical Keyboard

The ducky one 2 keyboard is a full-size keyboard. It uses the standard US qwerty system. The frame top material  is made of plastic. It is Windows compatible and comes with a 60-inch cord. It also has multi-media buttons

  • Vortex Race 3 TKL Dye Sub PBT Mechanical Keyboard

The vortex race 3 keyboard is tenkeyless. It uses the standard US qwerty system. It has multimedia keys and a cord length of 50-inches. The vortex race 3 keyboard is both Mac and Windows compatible.

  • Vortex POK3R Black Case White LED 60% Mechanical Keyboard

The vortex POK3R keyboard is Linux, windows and mac compatible. It has backlighting functions in      the keycaps. It is compatible with most cherry MX switches including the cherry mx clear switch. IT also features multimedia keys and has a 59-inches cord with a USB interface.

  • Ducky One White LED PBT Double Shot PBT Mechanical Keyboard

This Ducky one keyboard uses a USB interface. It is windows compatible. It has a white led backlight function. It uses a standard US qwerty system. It also features a 60-inch cord with a USB interface.


Cherry MX Clear

Cherry MX silent switches

The Cherry MX silent switches are the new additions to the cherry MX switches. The Cherry MX silent switches are comparatively silent and still has the tactile bump. The tactile feedback

ensures that the cherry MX silent switches have the function of giving you the same feel as its predecessors without the sounds.

The cherry MX silent switches have exclusive patented technology for reducing sounds from a mechanical keyboard. The technology includes sound dampeners for both the bottoming out sound and the topping out sound. They provide precision and reliability to match your work.

The Cherry MX switches are available in red, black, red RGB and black RGB versions. These options give you the liberty to choose between the different options of Cherry MX silent Switches.

The Cherry MX silent switches have an actuation force of 45cn(centinewton). They are very fast and have a bounce of 5 milliseconds. They make for very good gaming keyboards. The Cherry MX silent Switches also come with over 50 million actuations; this will give your keyboard a long life.

The Cherry MX silent switches and the keyboards that feature them are the ideal mechanical keyboard for office use because of their relatively quieter and much more suitable than a loud switch like the Cherry MX blue switch. They also make for excellent gaming keyboards for their fast-rebound and reset action.

Previously these silent switches were exclusive to Corsair keyboards but now are also sold by other manufacturers.

Here are a few examples that feature the cherry MX silent switches

  • STRAFE RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard — CHERRY® MX Silent

This Corsair keyboard is a premium keyboard. It is 30% quieter than other gaming keyboards. It features the advanced noise reduction. It gives you all these features without sacrificing any of its speed and responsiveness.

This keyboard also features cool multi-colored backlight function. Other features include anti-ghosting, wrist rest, media keys and a USB port.

  • Night Typist Mechanical Keyboard

This keyboard has white backlighting that provides visibility and will perform well in any lighting. The warm backlighting is just right. It is neither too blinding nor overly dim. With the right visibility, this keyboard will help you work in a low light environment.

This keyboard is also Mac, Linux and Windows compatible. It has a USB interface, multimedia keys and uses the standard US qwerty system. It also has the full key roll feature.

  • Ducky Shine 7 Blackout Mechanical Keyboard

It is compatible with six different cherry MX switches. It has RGB backlighting for a colorful and futuristic aesthetic. The back case is made of black zinc alloy which is stronger than your typical aluminum one.

It is a full key rollover, anti-ghosting and is also Windows, Mac and Linux compatible. It also has convenient multimedia keys for adjusting volumes and other functions.

  • Ducky One 2 Mini

The Ducky one 2 mini is Ten keyless. It uses the standard US qwerty system. It has three adjustable feet for three placement angles created and chosen for comfort and visibility. The keycaps are made with a side laser engraving technique, giving this keyboard an awesome design and quality.

The PBT seamless double-shot keycaps are designed for durability and a unique typing experience. Its size is also petite which makes it easily portable.

Whether you are a beginner, a collector, a gamer or someone who uses and requires a keyboard at work; a Cherry MX clear switch Keyboard is a must-have. It will help further your work. Any keyboard that features Cherry MX switches is going to be an upgrade from a regular rubber dome one and will last longer too. Once you get the feel from premium mechanical keyboards, you will never want to switch back.










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