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Whether for gaming, programming, or office work, if you are in the market for a mechanical keyboard, there is a strong likelihood that you are the type of person that cares about performance. When it comes to computer peripherals like mechanical keyboards, there seem to be an endless number of styles, options, and price points to choose from. So how do you know if you are getting the best quality mechanical keyboard for your money? This is a hard question to answer, but we are about to give it our best shot as we walk you through the best mechanical gaming keyboard available on the market today for under 100 Euros.

Do The Switches Matter?

Best Mechanical Keyboard Under 100 Euros 2
Keyboard switches, which are what give mechanical keyboards their clicky, tactile, and audible feel when used for gaming or typing, vary widely. Some switches are quieter than others, while switches that are quite might not be as responsive due to a longer key travel, or the distance it takes for a user to press a key before the computer registers it as pushed.

While we could spend hundreds of words explaining the intricacies of each type of mechanical keyboard switch, we would like to instead offer you some great resources to help you decide which switch is right for you. Every individual has different tastes, meaning that the best mechanical keyboard under 100 Euros might not be the same for different individuals. With this in mind, we have selected the best general mechanical gaming keyboard possible – one that will satisfy all but the pickiest users when it comes to the mechanical keyboard switches utilized. Without further ado, let us unveil our pick for the best mechanical keyboard currently available on the market for less than 100 Euros.

The Best Mechanical Keyboard For Under 100 Euros IsThe Corsair Strafe

While it was far from an easy decision, this affordable offering from Corsair was enough to turn our heads. Available with either blue, brown, or red Cherry MX switches, this mechanical keyboard is versatile enough to allow each consumer to order the switch of their choice without having to break the bank in the process. Utilizing an on-board USB paththrough for attaching your mouse, this innovative keyboard allows for a great user experience while simultaneously allowing for a port to be freed up on your computer.

Without a doubt, this keyboard packs a punch for its price, as it comes in well below our 100 Euro threshold. Best of all, contoured and textured keycaps for high intensity games like FPS and MOBA setups are included for users free of an extra charge. This innovative offering is complimented with anti-ghosting functionality to ensure that it can be the perfect keyboard for both typists and gamers alike. Overall, we can not rave about this mechanical keyboard enough – especially considering the fact that it checks all of the performance boxes for an attractive price of less than 100 Euros.

Please do some extensive research on what switch you prefer for your needs, as it differs with every person.

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