Choosing an insanely futuristic keyboard

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Kermit being the true OG writer

On average a regular office worker can crunch 39 words per minute and that is a staggering 10000 keystrokes every passing hour. So when we say that the lifespan of a cheap membrane keyboard is 40 million keystrokes it no longer seems that long. Sadly they don’t even live to that ripe age, cheap keyboards die of fatigue, spills and sheer mechanical failure.

Trouble with membrane keyboards?!

A dead key or two, a loose keycap or missing altogether and sticky buttons that just won’t come out when you press. All the more reason why you should switch to a mechanical keyboard this 2019. Perhaps you have been going through several keyboards a year or you keep cursing when a key rollover then this article is for you. It’s half past time to invest in a mechanical keyboard that endures up to millions of keystrokes a year practically forever.

What next?

Ok, so by now you understand who it is you need to upscale. But the real reason you are reading this is to find out which is the best mechanical keyboard for the money with the most bang for your buck. You don’t really have to spend an arm and a leg or break the bank in the process, it’s after all just a keyboard. Going for of the expensive ones without getting much value back could actually harm your mechanical ownership experience.

What to look for in a mechanical keyboard you will love?

Best Mechanical Keyboard For The Money 2

Corsair k70 Rapidfire

What you need is a well-balanced clicky yet smooth mechanical keyboard for gaming and stuff. We have one just for you. Before you go anywhere else, check out Corsairs k70 Rapidfire mechanical keyboard. This keyboard awesome futuristic keyboard is not a random pick, it’s got all the desirable features of a true mechanical keyboard. and while it is quite expensive, you’ll get the best value for the money,and certainly is an award winner in its category.

Is the best budget buy also the most valuable?

So let’s face it, we all want the best mechanical keyboard for the cheapest price we can get. If that’s what you are after, we advise saving up instead, as you might miss out on a great quality keyboard. You want to buy a keyboard because of its superior speed, accuracy, feedback, durability and lighting features above all other regular and mechanical keyboards. Not because it is the cheapest you can find but because it is the best value for your money.


Where to start your quest for the best mechanical keyboard for the money

Best Mechanical Keyboard For The Money 3

The Fresh Prince figuring out what he should buy

Whether you are a hard gamer or a typist, mechanical is the way to go! You can start your journey by typing in “mechanical keyboard” on google, and check some sites out! Be sure to read about the difference in switches though, as you’ll need to know what type you want to go for. We at Dfusing got our own keyboards as well, you could take a look there as well and compare them with the rest. Be sure to take your time though, because you’ll spend a lot of time with the keyboard you’re about to buy. Wouldn’t want to regret your purchase!

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