Many of you invest large amounts in the most powerful gaming PCs, usually upgrading the specification to use of the best graphics cards money can buy, only for your gaming experience to be let down by a poor keyboard.
The likelihood is your using a keyboard with membrane switches, which is the standard default keyboard for nearly all desktops. The next natural step is to upgrade to a mechanical keyboard.

These mechanical keyboards make the connection with higher quality metal parts and springs beneath the key bring it back into the rest position. The feel when using this type of keyboard is far superior to the cheap rubber dome membrane keyboard that make up 90% of the world’s keyboards today.
We’ve taken some of the best mechanical keyboards on sale today for a spin to see how they compare each other.

1. Corsair K68 RGB

One of the best quality mechanical keyboards out there today is the K68 RGB made by keyboard manufacturer Corsair. It uses Cherry MX red keys over RGB background lighting which allows for the signature rainbow colours to flow across the keyboard.
However, the main selling point for this keyboard is that it is water resistant. It has an IP32 rating for dust and water resistance meaning that if you have a mid-game mishap and spill your drink all over the keyboard it’s not the end of the world.
Tests have shown that this keyboard doesn’t lose any performance even when drenched. The only issue is that there is nowhere for the water to go, as is the case on most water resistant keyboards. Instead it pools, and you just have to either let it dry on its own, or dab it gently with an absorbent cloth or kitchen roll.
The other issue is the keycaps, they are indeed made of a durable material, and they are (just about) wide enough for the fingers to rest on them. But after hours of gameplay they become noticeably greasy, and you will have to utilize that water resistance to run a wet cloth across the keys to clean them up.
Finally, the detachable clip-on wrist rest is by no means the best in class. It feels little cheap and fragile and you would be better served not using it at all.
Overall for around $150 (depending on where you shop) this is a decent keyboard that has the added features of RBG lighting and water resistance. Aside from those additional benefits the keys have a fairly standard feel and this is pretty much the average run-of-the-mill mechanical gaming keyboard.

2. Steelseries Apex M750

In a similar price bracket to the Corsair K68 is the Apex M750 from Steelseries. Larger than it’s sibling the M500, this model has been widely rated as one of the best quality mechanical keyboards out there.
Using its own in-house mechanical switches and floating keycaps, the lighting is certainly one of the most stunning elements of this keyboard. It will take centre stage on your desk with its per-key lighting, with a range of colour settings.
The robust build of this keyboard is another great feature however the performance of the keyboard when in action is where the M750 falls down slightly. The floating keys are great for gameplay, and you can even programme certain keys to light up for certain games, however noise is certainly an issue.
You get the great feel of the mechanical switches, but they are much louder than any other keyboard we’ve tested. This is of course fine if you are locked into your game with your headset on, but as soon as you have to do any typing you are going to want to put those headphones back on to escape the rattling of the keys.
Overall, despite the incredibly loud keystrokes this is a solid mechanical keyboard for the price point (around $130). Whilst it doesn’t have any gimmicks like water resistance, it is incredibly well built and has a nice feel when gaming. Just don’t do any serious typing with it. Ever.

3. Dfusing Solardream

Last but certainly not least on our list is Dfusing’s Solardream mechanical keyboard. It certainly turns head with it’s incredibly bright LED lighting.
Once again using in-house switches, the keys feel light to the touch and make a very-satisfying (but quiet) click for that extra-tactile sensation most mechanical users are looking for. This makes it a genuinely usable keyboard for typing too.
This is quite a compact keyboard, so it won’t take up as much desk real-estate as the M750 above and yet when fully lit up, it still commands the same presence. It has multi-functionality so if lighting it up RGB-style is your thing, then that’s no problem either.
The keys themselves feel incredibly durable and are made from double-shot ABS material. The keystroke life is also really impressive at 10 million cycles. So you can forget worrying how many times you are smashing the keys in those intense multiplayer moments, as its built to last.
Overall, this has a great feel during gameplay and looks the part with the programmable floating LED backlight. With the price a little over $100 it also offers a price incentive over its competitors without compromising on quality.


Overall, these are three awesome gaming keyboards that will provide everything you need to upgrade your gaming experience.
If you are susceptible to spilling drinks then the Corsair is for you, if you don’t mind the excessive noise of the M750 then that could be worth a try.
Or you could opt to buy the best feeling and sturdiest keyboard, the Dfusing Solardream and also save yourself a few dollars in the process.

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