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By a gamer, for the gamers

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About Dfusing

Many of us in the company grew up with gaming, We have experienced first-hand the frustration that many gamers deal with on a daily basis. This inspired us to launch Dfusing to offer a line of mechanical gaming keyboards that are well-made, user-friendly and designed with gamers’ needs in mind.

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Who are we again!!!

We are gamers!

While Dfusing is not a private label company yet, it is noted that we currently have a few contracts with manufacturers who are also committed to producing the best value mechanical keyboard on the market today.

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To Infinity and Beyond!

Although we’re planning on eventually becoming a private label company in the near future; for now, we’re content to focus on our main goals: to create a customer base combined with an awesome core community.

Keyboards! Mice! Gaming Products! Oh My!

We understand the struggles that gamers deal with every day. Our mission is to take away those struggles and trade it for exciting
and innovating products. We want to provide the best customer service in the industry. We don’t believe that customers are numbers, we think of them as family! We want to make each and every single person feel comfortable and excited when they involve themselves with our products and services. Not only do we make sure that our products will have the best possible quality, we’re aiming to make it suitable for lots of gamers. Budget gamers, and high end gamers are sure to find what they want, and more.

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