5 Points You Gotta Understand In Order To Become a Professional Gamer

In order to succeed in any type of thing you want to do in life, you gotta realise it is more than just repeating the same thing over and over again. Here are a few points that’ll get you started on grasping the reality of things.

1. Mindset

One if not the most important thing a person has to possess, in order to succeed in life. Rich people got rich thanks to their mindsets. Athletes went pro, not only due to their hard physical work, and mindset. The mind is the mental blockade that will make or break your goals. And in order for you to succeed, you got to completely change it. Focus everything on the specific goal in mind. You gotta embrace the never giving up mentality. You gotta prepare yourself that your goal might take years if not more, but it’ll eventually happen if you keep going no matter what.

2. Training

Now that the mindset part is set, you are gonna have to set up a game plan. Next to never giving up. You’ll have to broaden up your mind. Learn learn learn! Not only by practising the game, but also studying it like your life depends on it. Most professionals in gaming use more brain power then muscle memory. Skill is important of course! But you gotta be able to calculate your decisions very closely, and that is only possible if you know the game inside and out.

Do that hand in hand with actual practicing. Make sure to record every single game you do. Analyse all your mistakes through watching it as much as you need it to. Being good and successful in something takes a lot of hustling.

Don’t expect months to be enough for your success. Yes, there have been people who were able to do that, but not everyone is as quick or talented as them ( or just very hard working!) You’ll have to stay positive and open minded in order to get your sh*t done! You lost 10 games in a row? GOOD, now you got 10 lost games to analyse and improve upon. Losing/failing happens to everyone, even the multimillionaires of today failed a few times ( some tons of times!) but look where they ended up. All thanks to not giving up, and improving themselves.

3. Seek help from better players

It’s fine analyzing yourself and trying to improve. But even you can’t always find every mistake there is to be made. Find better players to befriend. Someone else helping you, will not only make things a lot easier, it’ll speed up the process a lot more than on your own! This is why most successful people almost always had their own mentor to learn from. It’s fine to ask for help, everyone started somewhere. We at Dfusing understand this all too well.

4. Exposure

While you’re on your way to professional gaming, you gotta try and make a name for yourself on the way. Luckily, social media has helped a lot of people find fame quicker than they could’ve had in the past. Get yourself out there! The faster people notice you, the better the chance you’re gonna get picked up by potential teams. Being great at a game isn’t enough. You gotta make sure others know who you are, in order to recruit you. Social media activity, videos on youtube. So many choices.

5. Exercising

As many others have said already: Having a healthy body means having a healthy mind. You’ll think clearer, a lot more positive, and overall better. This is optional of course. But if you want to make it, you gotta try and take every little bit of advantage you can get. It doesn’t even need to be that much as people think. Just make sure you get fitter. So your game is more on point.

6. Conclusion

Getting what you want ain’t easy. You gotta work hard to get what you want. But what is a few months/years compared to the rest of your life? Nothing. Live a few years of your life like most won’t, to get what most people can’t in a lifetime. it’s simple math. You just gotta get over the hard part ( which is mindset) Remove that mental ( or possibly lazy) blockade, hustle like there is no tomorrow, and hustle some more. And i promise that you’ll get there. Just don’t give up man! You can definitely do it.

Just remember that most people fail due to their own in the end, not because fate didn’t want them to win. People give up after hardships, while hardships make you learn things you wouldn’t have learnt otherwise.

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