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Having the best mechanical gaming keyboards under 100 in both value and aesthetics.
We made sure to have something for every type of gamer.

Featuring swappable switches, custom RGB layouts, and much more.Rest assured, you will be ready to fight your opponents, in style.

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Best Mechanical Keyboard Under $50

Finding the best mechanical keyboard under $50 is easy as there are several popular brands are making affordable keyboards using inexpensive switches. In recent time, mechanical keyboards have become very popular among professional and newbie gamers as they get the...

Keyboard Types

Keyboards are available in different types and gaming keyboards are either normal keyboards or keyboards that come with unique gaming features, which can quicken often used combinations of a keystroke. A keyboard is also used to endow commands to the OS (Operating...

Customized Keycaps For Mechanical Keyboards

Why are Mechanical Keyboards Special? Mechanical keyboards have been rising in popularity for quite some time now. They have been, are and will be (unless something better comes around) popular among people who rely on durable fast response keyboards, whether it is...

Capacitive Keyboards VS Mechanical Keyboards

Capacitive Keyboards VS Mechanical Keyboards Keyboards play an integral part in the way we communicate or command the computer to perform our orders. There are various kinds of keyboards, but the most common conflict arises between choosing a capacitive keyboard and a...

Cherry MX Clear Keycaps & Keyboard | Cherry MX Silent Switches

Cherry MX Clear Keycaps & Keyboard | Cherry MX Silent Switches Keycaps are the small plastic molds with illustrations to help identify the keycaps on your normal keyboard. They are your keys on the keyboard. Keycaps are what facilitate your typing or gaming. They...

The Mechanical Keyboard

A keyboard is described as a typewriter-style device which uses an arrangement of buttons or keys to act as electronic switches or mechanical levers. The keyboard is the main input device used to send command (character and function) into the computer system. These...

Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboards September 2018

Many of you invest large amounts in the most powerful gaming PCs, usually upgrading the specification to use of the best graphics cards money can buy, only for your gaming experience to be let down by a poor keyboard. The likelihood is your using a keyboard with...

Best Mechanical Keyboard Under 100 Euros

Whether for gaming, programming, or office work, if you are in the market for a mechanical keyboard, there is a strong likelihood that you are the type of person that cares about performance. When it comes to computer peripherals like mechanical keyboards, there seem...

Mechanical keyboards are the future of gaming industry

The demands of the mechanical keyboards will continue to increase since the eSports industry is taking over the world by storm. In the year 2016, the revenue earned from the sales of the mechanical keyboards reached US$ 637.3 Million [1]. This exceptional figure can...

5 Points You Gotta Understand In Order To Become a Professional Gamer

In order to succeed in any type of thing you want to do in life, you gotta realise it is more than just repeating the same thing over and over again. Here are a few points that’ll get you started on grasping the reality of things. 1. Mindset One if not the most...
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